Amelia is an Australian artist born in Adelaide and currently living in Sydney.
Her passion for all things art began with a childhood hobby of drawing. After falling in love with Studio Ghibli films, she polished her skills by copying the illustrations from the films and went on to draw her own quirky short comics in High School. 
After a one year exchange at a high school in Tokyo, she commenced her bachelor of arts at the University of South Australia studying intercultural communications and Japanese, taking electives in a variety of art forms,  including oil painting, charcoal drawing, etching and ceramics. Her third year of study was spent back in Japan on exchange at Kansai University of Foreign Languages in Osaka. As well as mastering the Japanese language, she spent her year abroad studying Japanese ceramics - where her love for sculpture was born.
In 2012 she returned to Australia and after working as a cultural advisory in an Australian Natural Gas Company, and after one year being home she embarked on an adventure teaching English to primary school children in Rural South Korea with the TaLK Program. On her return to Australia in 2014 she worked as a floor manager at her family's Argentinan restaurant in Adelaide. 
In 2015, she was granted a Japanese government scholarship (MOMBU KAGAKUSHO) to further her studies in sculpture in Japan. She went to Kyoto Saga University of Arts firstly as a research student to study with Japanese artist and professor Mitsuo Takeuchi, then went on to do a Masters of Fine Art in Sculpture where she learnt about various methods of traditional Japanese sculpture. 
While at university, she took a class on artifact restoration, in which the professor was professional Noh Mask restorer and artist, Yasuo Miichi. Realising the potential of learning from such an amazing artist, she became close with him and eventually became his pupil. Under his guidance, she studied the traditional creation methods behind the ancient art of carving Noh Masks. 
She returned to Australia in 2019 and began her professional career at a marketing agency doq where she uses her love for Japan by promoting Japanese brands and destinations in the Australian market. She has also gained experience in branding, logo creation and graphic design for independent businesses. 
With illustration as a hobby, she is now working while studying nail art to broaden her skillset and pursue a side career operating a home nail salon.
ABN: 21213532913